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if I can give less than 1 star I would

By: nrrn2004 | January 24, 2015

Horrible! The bed salesman LIED to our face to sell a $3200 mattress set. He told us that if we buy the mattress protector for $150, we have a 90 day "sleep guarantee" ( his exact words) that if we don't like the mattress we can exchange it. Well.....I called 2 weeks after delivery and guess what: THERE NO SUCH THING!! I called to speak with Simon the sales manager. Called 4. No response. I'm going to make a media mess for teppermans if they don't make this right.

incredible pre sales service...

By: raysoly | January 24, 2015

I had a very different experience with Barry Adler, inquiring about a price quote online he contacted me immediately by phone and offered valuable advice in reference to the product I was inquiring about but when he asked me why I was replacing a4 yr old appliance he did not hesitate, knowing full well he would loose a sale, to redirect me the the appropriate web site to get my issue resolved with an appliance I did not buy at Almar! now that I think merits all 5 stars, never before has anyone ever been so openly frank about the realities of this industry, will definitely recommend and will purchase my next appliances at Almar..


Almar Ltee

5400 Boul Decarie Montreal, QC

category: Appliances - Retailers

service price courtesy

By: non-member | January 19, 2015

dealt with tracey 2 years ago and went back this past sunday and she was there. same great service same smile same expertise. how refreshing. took the deals to her manager and was able to improve on them with any prompt from us. he too was so accommodating(jerry). will need more appliances etc come june and we will be back!


By: svalerie007 | December 4, 2014

I was so excited to go shopping for my new place. I purchased a bedroom suite and sectional. I was told I would have to pay 100.00 for them to put my bed together. I was able to get the manager Angela to take this off our first bill, or so I thought. It hasn't been taken off she doesn't work there anymore, the sales person that I bought from says he doesn't remember this agreement. So I phone the new manager and tell him my situation, he said he would get back to me, that he couldn't just give away 100.00. After what I spent on the furniture, really!!!!!!,, well you have lost me as a customer, your service is very unprofessional.

Terrible Customer service

By: Lisa | November 19, 2014

Our leather sofa had a puncture in it, with no indication it was made from the outside (the cardboard an padding did not have holes in it, so it looked like the puncture was on the sofa before it was wrapped). I called the manager ROB about it, and in a very degrading tone told me that "98% of the time, the customer is the one who damaged it". Great customer service policy! He blamed my husband as he picked it up in his truck. Rob then told me it must have been caused by him, as he took both pieces of the sectional at once, "squishing it into the bed of the truck" although my husband was LATE for work as he took each piece separately from Richmond to Coquitlam to avoid any damage. Rob again blatantly lied to me and told me that a waver was signed by my boyfriend that day dismissing any damages when I brought up the one year warranty we had on the couch. No such form was signed, it just seemed as if Rob did not want to deal with the issue at hand. Finally after many...


Liquidation Furniture & More

12040 Vulcan Way Richmond, BC

category: Appliances - Manufacturers

customer service

By: bynk4 | November 7, 2014

On Oct. 17th 2014 I ordered a product for my fridge , the service person said it would take 14 days to get the product in . I said ok and paid up front for the item . The service person took my phone number and said they would call me when it arrives. After 2 weeks my wife made a call to the Barrie shop , the person working there said it was not in yet . Now as I'm typing this we are into the third week waiting . I made a phone call this morning to the shop , the service person left me on hold for 5 minutes . So I hung up and called back. She said she was busy so I gave here my cell number and asked her to call me back , she took my number and hung up on me . I was becoming unimpressed at this point . So I went about my way in Barrie taking care of a few things that I had to do , this took a couple of hours . Still no call from The Appliance Shack , so I drove down there to see what was going on. when I walked into the store and asked the woman" why she hadn't called...


The Appliance Shack

273 Dunlop St W Barrie, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers


By: William Warner | November 2, 2014

As a senior in London, I had my daughter go shopping with me for new appliances. Your store was very impressive and Greg the salesman very helpful in selecting a frig, stove, washer and dryer with the delivery to be made within 2 weeks. The order then got forwarded to Brampton and that's where the customer relations ended with difficulty trying to get delivery dates and answers to questions that were asked - some not replied to and messages left on my answering machine by someone who talked so fast that you couldn't understand a word they were saying. The order took from July 28th to Sept. 18th to complete, a far cry from 2 weeks.

I would advise anyone shopping for appliances in the London area to deal with a company that can efficiently handle their orders in London and I would certainly go elsewhere for future needs.

William Warner

Goemans Appliances

1040 Wharncliffe Rd. South London, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Shop somewhere else..

By: non-member | October 28, 2014

It would take me a few hours to tell you the terrible things this store did to me so I will just say "Do Not Shop There" I can not believe the poor customer service and the lies these people are capable of telling. Please go somewhere else so you will not be disappointed...

pambis appliance service is amazing

By: non-member | October 15, 2014

My dishwasher was leaking water all over the floor and driving me crazy. I checked around on the internet and came across Pambis Appliance, with their multiple reviews by other homeowners and their very high service rating. I went to their website and filled out all the info on the contact page. Peter contacted me, and set up an appointment right after this thanksgiving weekend. He came by around 2 pm and replaced the water inlet valve. Now no more leaks on the floor and all is good. Highly recommend.

Pambis Appliance Svc

110 Ironside Cres unit 25 Scarborough, ON

category: Appliances - Repairs

major appliance - oven

By: non-member | September 30, 2014

Sent 2 emails for a quote - no answer. Called the store and spoke to a sales person who didn't seem to know the product. I was referring to a top of the line of a particular brand. According to your website you have one but the salesman denied it. End of story, end of the phone call. If the front office is so lax in their knowledge of your products, one begins to wonder about your service after a purchase.

Tasco Distributors - Richmond Hill

11160 Yonge Street Richmond Hill, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Damaged Dryer

By: non-member | September 8, 2014

TERRIBLE customer service. We bought a washer/dryer set on 16 July, only to find out that day that a family member had passed away - so we picked up the dryer dropped it home and immediately left for a funeral. Upon returning (about a week), we noticed that the dryer was damaged and not working properly. We called the manufacturer - who said they don't cover damage, called the Brick and they said we missed the 3 day cutoff for exchanges due to damages. The store manager was extremely rude and I ended up demanding from head office to have someone else call me to deal with my issue. After fighting with the brick for over a month about the dryer, we finally agreed to pay part of the their cost for replacement (almost half of what we originally paid - on top of the money already paid for the damaged one). To add insult to injury they didn't even call when it arrived, I called three days after the expected arrival date (and after the 14th ring someone finally answered) to be told it had been in the store for three days. Do not shop here - especially for appliances - there are so many other choices in Belleville.

Caplan's Appliances

By: Golfergolfer | September 1, 2014

I bought a cooktop, range hood fan, dishwasher, oven, microwave, washer and my world, a lot of appliances at once. So far I've had 2 deliveries and 1 service call...and I have 1 more deliveries and 2 more services calls scheduled. So, if I'm lucky it will TAKE SIX (6!) calls to hopefully get functioning appliances, albeit with a fridge that's scratched and dented. And the customer service response to that - don't worry, it'll still work fine. Thanks. Far from exceptional customer service. And the customer service response to the SIX VISITS - we understand your frustration. Wow, thanks. Far from exceptional service.

Without question, a terrible experience

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