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Contract malpractice

By: moharati53 | June 23, 2018

Several months after my purchase, I checked the bill and noticed they have charged me for an optional coverage. They had highlighting the signature area of an optional coverage and implying it is mandatory for me to sign to finance my purchase. I contacted their store couple of times and asked for reversing the process and cancel charging my account due to their unprofessional and misconduct act but they refused. Finally, I was successful to cancel this option but ended up with 500$ extra charge and they refused to void charges.

Great Work from

By: JoelStapp90 | June 10, 2018

My front load washing machine was leaking water. I had to call in Appliance Repair Corona CA to find out what needed to be done. The repairman arrived early and worked on the unit. He saw that the door seals weren’t up to par so he had to replace it. In an hour I got it back working as good as the day I bought it.

Appliance Repair Corona CA

1027 E 3rd St Corona, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliances Repair Service

By: AlfonsoVaughn99 | June 10, 2018

The washing machine we were using just wouldn’t clean properly. We contacted Appliance Repair Riverside CA to fix it for us. The skillful technician found that the machine wasn’t working well so we permitted him to replace it. Within an hour or so, we got a perfectly working washing machine that produced clean clothes. The speed and expertise were quite amazing.

Appliance Repair Riverside CA

12155 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliances Repair Service

By: TedHaynes81 | June 10, 2018

I plugged in my washing machine but it just wouldn’t work. I checked the breaker and the plugs but it really wouldn’t start. I had to call in Appliance Repair Lake Forest to help e with this. They sent their repairman and he immediately diagnosed the problem. He replaced some components and had the unit working once again in a few minutes. Highly recommended for everyone.

Appliance Repair Lake Forest

22365 El Toro Rd Lake Forest, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Great Work from

By: MarkMericle72 | June 10, 2018

The appliance service delivered to us was incredible. Appliance Repair Fullerton exceeded our expectations because they fixed the problem with our leaky dishwasher fast and efficiently. The pump was defective and it was immediately replaced. That stopped the dishwasher from leaking. Their price was also fair enough for the service done.

Appliance Repair Fullerton

1545 S Harbor Blvd Fullerton, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliances Repair Service

By: PeterRubin63 | June 10, 2018

We noticed that the dishes weren’t squeaky clean like before so we figured something was wrong with our dishwasher. We decided to enlist the appliance service of Appliance Repair Garden Grove. We agreed to have the service on the next day. Their serviceman was there on time. He cleaned the spray arm of the dishwasher and that fixed the problem.

Appliance Repair Garden Grove

8642 W Garden Grove Blvd Garden Grove, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Best Appliance Repair

By: RobertWindham45 | June 10, 2018

I was right in choosing Appliance Repair Palos Verdes Estates for home appliance service. I purchased a new dishwasher and wanted to connect it to the garbage disposer. The appliance technician was clearly an expert on it. I am so impressed, I just recommended them to a friend who was looking for oven repair.

Appliance Repair Palos Verdes Estates

2325 Palos Verdes Dr W Palos Verdes Estates, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Great Work from

By: NorbertoJohnson36 | June 10, 2018

I observed that my washing machine was shaking too aggressively during the spin cycle. Because of this, we scheduled for washing machine repair from Appliance Repair Seal Beach. Came the day of the appointment, we learned that the suspension rods needed replacement. Great appliance service, and really affordable too.

Appliance Repair Seal Beach

1077 PCH #5678 Seal Beach, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliances Repair Service

By: RichardBorchert27 | June 10, 2018

We were looking around for cheap appliances service when we came across Appliance Repair Long Beach. Our oven door looked slanted, and we wanted to get a professional for the oven repair service. Their price was well within our budget, and we are so happy with the work of the repairman.

Appliance Repair Long Beach

421 W Broadway Long Beach, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Dryer Repair

By: Edward Logan | May 16, 2018

Our appliances are under a 4 yr. warranty from The Brick. Our dryer was making a funny noise, we contacted the number on the warranty which happened to be Transglobal Services. They accommodated our schedule and sent a technician, Kevin, within a day. Two days later we got a call from them saying the parts were in and which would be the best day and time for them to come and repair the dryer. Once again, Kevin was extremely accommodating with our schedule, informed us what was wrong, changed all the parts that could be affected and quickly repaired the dryer. We are extremely pleased with the technician, Kevin, and the service this company offered and would highly recommend them.

Good Service

By: rachelchamel | May 12, 2018

My washer’s drum wasn’t rotating properly leading me to call in Appliance Repair Azusa CA. The technician came earlier than expected and diagnosed a timing belt problem. He replaced it within 30 minutes of his arrival. The thorough inspection and the quick delivery impressed me so much, I would be recommending them to my friends.

Appliance Repair Azusa CA

207 N. Aspan Ave #5 Azusa, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Fast Service

By: williamcbecker9 | May 11, 2018

The refrigerator’s interior light wasn’t turning on when I opened the door. It was a cause for concern. I replaced the light but it still wouldn’t work so I called Appliance Repair Covina CA. They sent a competent technician to help me. He rewired the door and I was suitably impressed with the results. Impressively affordable and immediate delivery.

Appliance Repair Covina CA

1480 N Azusa Ave #7 Covina, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs