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By: thehenards | September 23, 2016

We sold these souped up Thirlpool products for years and stocked them on our retial floor. We only sold the ones that people liked and wanted, but we also sold a far superior produce called Heartland. A far better product and stood behind us so we could stand behind our customers. Never a problem with Heartland we could not handle. Elmira I can tell you were problems a not a very well made product. Dealing with these people all these years, there were two ladies that worked there that were pleasant to deal with, Jean and Liz, they were great and got their jobs done,. As far as management, Don did not care and was always gone, and Brian always gone, people in plant made jokes about him always on vacation, and they hired some supposedly big wig that thought he knew retail that used to work for Heartland and they got rid of him, and went to work for Elmira, he is a joke, you will not ever deal with him, but he will be the fall of this company. Management started this company and...



285 Union Street Elmira, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Excellent Saless Support Staff

By: LER | September 6, 2016

We recently purchased all new appliances for our new home. I gave the list of make and model that we were looking for and spoke with Matt Hubert. (Miele Show Centre) He gave a bulk purchase price that exceeded all other retailers. In addition he had no issue in holding all of the appliance delivery until after we moved into our new home. Despite it being outside of the GTA Caplans still provided delivery, l would strongly recommend Matt and Caplans to anyone; hands down.

Awesome Service

By: george365 | August 29, 2016

Recently my washer stop working, then I searched for washer repair services on Google. After that I found Appliance Repair Mississauga and called them. They came on time and repair my washer in less time also given me some knowledge if washer stopped again. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for appliance repair.

Appliance Repair Mississauga

4141 Mississauga, ON

category: Appliances - Repairs

My sectional sofa

By: Frank Pullen | August 3, 2016

After a short wait to hear back, our mis-ordered sofa piece has been satisfactorily resolved. Other than having to wait for another 2 months for the missing piece, we are completely happy with how Tepperman's has handled this.

Frank Pullen

Concern to the Master and owner of...

By: micheleliboiron | July 25, 2016

ATTENTION to the Owner: Viktor Zaers
JULY 25 2016
Please contact me as I have paid and excessive amount for 2 appliances since April 29 to July 22 totalling an excessive amount over $1228.45 and still both appliances do not work. I strongly feel since it has taken over 2 months for your company to repair my appliances to date without satisfaction as they still do not work....I would expect your business to reimburse my funds in full and prefer to be reimbursed so that I can just purchase a new appliance. I will be pleased and appreciate your immediate attention in this matter. I strongly feel the service person has misdiagnosed and charged me the incorrect parts and time spent on calls. and return calls to my home and continued re-diagnosing and excessive amount of time to attempt to repair my appliances to my problem as I am not satisfied with the customer services I...


Appliance Repair Master

244 Brown's Line M8W 3T4 Etobicoke, ON

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Good start, bad finish

By: Strobe8046 | July 16, 2016

I attended the store and purchased high end stove, fridge, dishwasher and insert hood for a total of approximately $14000.

At the delivery, I wasn't home but my friend attended my house to facilitate the drop off.

First issue:
Brand new 6 burners gas stove. One burner doesn't work.
I was told to contact Jennair and they will send a technician to fix it. 2 weeks later, it was fixed.

Second issue:
The delivery persons broke my screen door. I realized it several days later. I contacted my sale rep who asked me to take a video of the door and send it to him as I did. He advised me after reviewing it that it should not be an issue.
After waiting a week plus, I contacted him and he advised me that after discussion with other staff members, I can't prove that they did it which I think that it's completely B.S.

I was very exciting to buy my appliances there and I did have a good price. However, if I knew the end result, I would've paid a bit more to avoid the headache.

Very disappointed of the customer service.

Best Brand Appliance

6221 Hwy 7 - Unit 9 Vaughan, ON

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Ask for Brian appliance repair:...

By: Karrellsophie | July 14, 2016

We got an appointment within an hour of our initial call and the serviceman Brian was fast and polite. He did not take advantage of my elderly parents and gave them his honest advive about the dishwasher repair...even though it meant buying a new machine instead of repairing the old machine. Would use him again, and would recommend Amann.

Amann Appliance Svc & Parts

692 King St E Hamilton, ON

category: Appliances - Repairs

Washing Machine

By: Pete | June 28, 2016

I bought the GE GTW485ASJWS washing machine and I'm happy I did. The service rep recommended it to me since it was only $20 more than the one I was looking at but with so many more features. It's fantastic. The delivery guys called an hour before they would be here, they were in and out like lightning and were great to talk to and answered any questions I had. Great job all around.

Corbeil Appliances

2685 Iris Street Ottawa, ON

category: Kitchens - Retailers Appliances - Retailers

do not use this company!

By: mackenzietaylor345 | June 11, 2016

As I go to pull into the parking spot at Walmart for parents with young children, (I have a 5 month old) there is already a truck with this name on it, so I go to pull into the spot next to it but my cat gives out and I can not move it, the owner of this company then comes over and yells at me to move my piece of sh*t car out of his f**king way. (All he had to do was walk around my truck I was not blocking he's truck from leaving, not only is it illegal for u to park in a spot for parents for young children when u have no children, then u have the nerve to yell at me for something I can't control, this is the first time I've ever dealt with car trouble which if anyone who has ever experienced car trouble knows how stressful it is! So big shout out to the owner of this company for making it even worse, to anyone using for thinking of using this company I'm sure his disgusting behavior shows in his work.

Abs Appliance Repairs

960 Franklyn Rd Kelowna, BC

category: Appliances - Repairs

Long time customer

By: loonie | June 4, 2016

I've been a long time customer. Recently they held a customer appreciation event where you had to buy $999 in elec./appliances or $699 in furniture. I wanted to purchase over $1000 worth between elec. and furniture, but not reach either idividual qualifying limit. Unfortunately I don't qualify for a discount, even though I am spending over the highest threshold they set. I am becoming more disenchanted with this store since I sent them an email earlier and never received a reply.



Good morning

I apologized for your inconvenience, I would really like to get more information from you and see if I can assist in any way. If you would kindly reach out to me

Customer Relations Manager
ext 1426


Thank you for reaching out to me, it was a pleasure talking with you.
Ammar will be contacting you shortly

Thank you