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By: LJORIS01 | May 11, 2016

Great company!...I just did a complete upgrade to my kitchen and got all my kitchen supplies for a marvellous deal and saved a lot. I'm so happy with all my appliances, fast and great customer service. if your looking to upgrade your kitchen on a tight budget strongman is the place to be guarantee!

Strongman Appliances

5601 STEELES AVE. W UNIT 6 Toronto, ON

category: Appliances - Wholesalers

Marvelous Services for Kitchen...

By: Patrihall | May 11, 2016

In spite of the fact that cooking is a fair practice made by the majority of the normal people, yet the truth of the matter is genuine that some propelled kitchen appliances to bring an alternate ordeal. I am genuinely appreciative to these experts for the most recent adornments oversaw by them. It is unquestionably the result of skill. Much obliged for such dazzling items…

BBQ Brothers

1777 Blount Rd.Unit #502 Pompano Beach, FL

category: Appliances - Repairs

When the name of a company starts...

By: Camaro81 | March 27, 2016

People write reviews and bitch about the company and about the owner. The place is a liquidation store. The guy buys shit from places that can't sell stuff, places that have gone bankrupt, out of business, had fires or floods. You go to places like this to get a deal. Don't spend 2000 dollars on a couch set or 500 dollars on a bed. You go there too buy junk for a cheap price. Don't buy something and get suckered into a warranty because on big items they only have one or two of them. They won't ever get the same thing into replace your item. Of course their going to charge you more to deliver something else or charge more for something else to replace your item. The name of their business Is buying cheap and selling for more to you because you think your getting a deal, so they can make money off you. . Is it really a deal when you pay a grand or two for a couch set and its fucked and they'll never replace it? No it's not. If you go to a place...


Very poor service

By: Aleesha08 | March 12, 2016

This man totally ruined my plans for precast. He didn't give me coloumns and precast as promised which made me loose money big time. He took the fifty percent and then later refused to give half of the materials. Then when I kept asking him he became very rude. He is unprofessional and takes money and then refuse to give materials. Wouldn't recommend him
To anyone. Please watch out.

Petra Design

14 Jody Avenue, Toronto Toronto, ON

category: Appliances - Equipment and Supplies

Quick, professional service.

By: mattam | March 3, 2016

Called TransGlobal about fridge repair in Sarnia Ontario. They sent a technician out within 3 days to fix a problem with water dripping inside fridge from freezer drain. Tech had it repaired within 20 minutes. TransGlobal also sent me a new handle for the fridge as mine had cracked. I would purchase their extended warranty again as this repair was right around the time the manufacturers warranty expired.

Stay Away!

By: raymondassaad | February 10, 2016

Horrible service, I told them exactly what the problem was with my appliance was on the phone when booking the appointment. A tech came to the house for 10 minutes and had no idea what he was doing, I had to instruct him on what was going on. He guaranteed he could fix it no problem and charged me 90 something dollars then left. Didn't hear from him again. A week later the office calls to tell me they can't fix it, goodluck. Asked to speak to a manager they said sure one will call you back, then they again disappeared and stopped answering their phone and no response for 3 days now. This company is a bunch of crooks and should not be trusted.

SOS Appliance Repair Inc

2588 St Clair Ave West Unit 1 Toronto, ON

category: Appliances - Repairs

Never again

By: PEC | February 1, 2016

I bought what I thought was a good quality range four years ago. We had one problem after another and each more expensive than the last. Simple things that should never break, and the cost of parts astronomical. Even the maintenance person told me this range had design flaws. I was clearly sold an inferior product although it cost me $4,000. When I complained I was told I should have bought an extended warranty and I needed to call the manufacturer. What a piece of junk. When I can afford to replace it I certainly won't go to FW Black.

F.W. Black Ltd

685 Arlington Park Place Kingston, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Great Help

By: non-member | January 4, 2016

My stove bake element was burnt out, I did all the ground work in finding the proper part number to replace that part and fix my stove. I went to Sears Home in Barrie first and they said I couldn't order over the phone and the part was a 3 week delivery, the guy was also extremely rude. Call up The Appliance Shack, the guy kept me on the phone well he looked up my part number. He found it in warehouse and ordered for me next day. Happy I found these guys on Google and will recommend them all the time. Thank-you.

The Appliance Shack

273 Dunlop St W Barrie, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Dishwasher Recall Service

By: non-member | December 31, 2015

What started out to be a "quick in-and-out" recall service on Nov 23 on my Bosch dishwasher has turned out to be quite the headache with Maytag Metro Service. Let's just say I wish I had looked at previous reviews on this company: Almost 4 weeks later I noticed there was a leak from the water supply connection (at the rate of a drip every 10 seconds or so!) which had caused the whole bottom shelf of my under-the-sink cabinet to become water-damaged. My kitchen was renovated 2 yrs ago so still brand new. When my husband called them and spoke to a manager, he told him a manager would be showing up to take pictures and see the damage. Instead, on Dec 17, the SAME service guy who caused this damage, Mathew Martin, showed up! He took pictures of the damage then began going through the process of pulling out the dw as he was telling me he didn't touch anything underneath the cabinet last time he was here. When I assured him he had, his answer was "well I can't...


Maytag Metro Service

57 Mill St. North, Unit 305, Brampton, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers