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Bad Boy Furniture - customer Service

By: CarolyneBentham | May 12, 2015

My husband and I have purchased all of our home furnishings from the Barrie Bad Boy Furniture Store, everything from 2 sleigh beds with ladies dresser, 3 night stands, mans high boy dresser, dinning room suite with 8 chairs, living room leather furniture.

Our latest purchase on May 9th, 2015, was 2 mattresses a queen and a double for a loft bed that we are surprising our girls with. the customer service and delivery service we receive has always been excellent and very professional. We always recommend Bay Boy to family and friends and will be purchasing our family room furniture, once my husband completes the renovation this winter. Thank you.

High prices yet cheap quality

By: anca | April 29, 2015

Two years ago I bought a set with a washer and drier made by Electrolux and I paid for 6 years worth of extended warranty. After only 8 months, the drier motor burnt out. Upon being repaired once, it burnt out once again after a year. When I contacted Tepperman's in order to resolve this issue, I was told to contact the warranty company. And so I did, and a technician came to review the issue, and here I am two weeks later still waiting for an answer. No one is giving me answers nor does anyone know when this issue will be resolved. I tried sitting down with a manager to resolve this issue, but somehow the manager constantly is in "meetings" and I always have to just wait. I bought the most expensive appliances and yet even the washed can't stay with the door closed because it rots on the inside. I paid this expensive price of every appliance only to be disappointed by the cheapness of the products and customer care. If anyone would like to know more or see pictures, don't hesitate to email me:

Kitchen Land Review

By: Kitchenland | April 16, 2015

Kitchen Land provides customers with Kitchen Design, Cabinets & all renovation services, so we have been working a lot with numerous kitchen appliance companies and Caplan's have proved themselves to be the best in all aspects. Caplan's have always provided our customers with the best customer service as well as ourselves. Our sales associate Andrei Zabeline has been providing us with the best knowledge, customer service and best products on the market for few years now. When our client purchases appliances from Caplan's we always receive great feed back from them and Caplan's supplies us with all needed measurements and details about chosen products right away.
We love their innovative & progressive approaches to business marketing and they way they stand behind the quality of products they provide. In our showroom all of our Kitchen Appliances are from Caplan's and they all work absolutely amazing!
Kitchen Land has been and will continue to recommend customers to Caplan's.

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Never ever , ever will be back

By: non-member | March 7, 2015

Ordered furniture set, no one called when it was in. When we called them they stated it was in but even though we left a deposit they wouldn't hold it for us!? We go to pick it up. The desk area has one person working at it. One person ahead of us and took 40 minutes to wait. Once we went back to pick it up we waited another 25 minutes for them to get it. Not impressed. Customer service is a complete joke. Can't believe we wasted 2 hours of our lives to pick up something this should not happen! It's worth it to pay more and go elsewhere.

10K worth of appliances get you NOTHING

By: Georgiesmomma | March 3, 2015

Just received my beautiful retro appliances from Elmira. The hood does not match my stove...least of my problems. The panel for my dishwasher is slightly too long, not allowing the door to open all the way. The panel is sitting in the dining room of my house. My contractor has called numerous time, and although Pauline has responded, Brian, has been lax in getting in touch with a solution to this problem. I have also called, again, Pauline, so nice, but she is apparently the person who runs interference for Brian. So sorry that I spent this money. I could have donated the 10K to my favorite charity, Smile Train, and received more satisfaction. Learned my lesson. Now I will have to find a master carpenter to deal with this. THANKS FOR NOTHING. ENJOY MY $10,000.00! I give you one star for the amazing color...but that is even too much. I really regret this purchase. Hey, forgot to mention that I ordered these appliances in October and they didn't even get here until February! They don't even deserve one star.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers


By: non-member | February 17, 2015

We have used A Plus Appliances services several times, and have always been happy with the results. San was always quick to diagnose the issue, provide options, and make a reliable fix. San has fixed both our washer (leaking hose) and dryer (coil), and for our oven, San found the problem, enabled us to continue using the range until he exhausted all options to order a replacement part (which the manufacturer had discontinued). San has provided great customer service, and we'll continue to use his services when needed.

A Plus Appliance

607 SYDNEY AVE. Coquitlam, BC

category: Appliances - Repairs


By: messa | February 15, 2015

I'm not one to usually write reviews but the experience I had here was just awful and I never want to go through that again!!

I walked into this location and dropped a few dollars short of 5K. The sales person was awesome (of course they are they are selling me something and working on commission) , helped me pick out everything I needed.

Everything up until getting my stuff was pretty good. I got my stuff delivered shortly a couple days later by their private delivery people because they were too booked that day for their normal brick delivery people.

They came and set up my 7 piece bedroom set, new mattress and dropped the TV off. They quickly took the top off the box and said i had to look at it before they left, as they were rushing out my door because they were very behind schedule. They also told me they couldn't really "legally touch it" so they left. I work 7 days a week so it wasn't until exactly one week after that I was able...