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Avoid! Take your business elsewhere.

By: Stepmom | October 6, 2015

I purchased a dishwasher and the salesman informed me that there were 9 of the models available and booked delivery for three days later, and the plumber was booked for the following day. Twenty eight hours later the salesman called me to say there were no dishwashers in stock, and my purchase was delayed. I had cleared all appointments on those two days. Geomans said they would deliver the dishwasher on the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend. I reminded them that I then would have my old dishwasher still in place and a new dishwasher in my kitchen that could not be hooked up until after the holiday...i.e. At least four days! I cancelled my purchase and bought a dishwasher from another store which was reliable.

Goemans Appliances London

1040 Wharncliffe Rd. South London, ON

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Nooooobody should buy

By: Getjoji | September 26, 2015

I bought a sofa from this location and sales manager forced me to buy a warranty which covers the furniture for 5 years. So if anything comes up just give them a call they will fix it. Within an year I started having issues and they started giving me exceptions on warranty. Now it's like nothing is covered.

If you have money go buy from Somewhere else. These people are theifs.. Why should we give our hard earned money to these money stealing monsters

Elder Abuse

By: non-member | September 18, 2015

My mother bought a fridge from the Peterborough store and had a horrific experience. It is on the verge of being classified as elder abuse .

She purchased a NEW Samsung Fridge and they delivered a GE Fridge floor model fridge without informing her of the change. When she called to discuss this the staff tried to convince her the one she wanted would not fit and the GE was a better fridge. This is only a small excerpt of the total experience of lies and rudeness.

I made an attempt to contact the owner to discuss this situation and get it rectified and I did not get any contact or concern.

If you think this is a better retailer that a big box store think again. If you want to be scammed or abused then this is the store for you .

Quan Tv & Appliances

4421 Highway 7 Markham, ON

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Never buy an extended warranty on...

By: Julie | September 8, 2015

We purchased brand-new appliances costing us over $3300 also purchased an extended 4 year warranty on both appliances it has been two years since we purchased and the whole side wall of my dishwasher has rusted out and nothing about the warranty will cover this. They never gave me a brochure that explained in detail what was covered under the warranty and according to the warrantee holders they do not cover this. So now I'm out the money for the appliances out the money for the extended warranty which is garbage and now have to purchase a new machine. I will never purchase from Teppermans again.

Customer Service Department needs...

By: ELMIRAsucks | August 27, 2015

Our 14 year old stove quit baking recently. Called Elmira who diagnosed our issue as needing a new ignitor. They shipped out the part with "how to" instructions to replace it. But what they neglected to tell us is that the new ignitors won't fit on the old stoves and that we would need to call an appliance repair man who should be able to modify the new ignitor to make it fit. The owner told us that because our stove was so old, they no longer made the part. GREAT.

Why pay $20 in shipping for a part that weighs less than half a pound, wait over a week for it to arrive, to then pay someone to come to the house to modify the new part to make it work. Should have just called the repair man to begin with.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

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Great service!

By: non-member | August 17, 2015

Just wanted to say that I am a very happy customer!
I called TK Appliance to come see what was wrong with washing machine and he not only told me but ordered the part and was able to come the next day to fix it for such a great price!
Thank you
We will most definitely use u guys again and refer u to everyone we know!
Thank you once again for the great service!

Not a good experience calling into...

By: non-member | June 19, 2015

I bought an Ariston 36” double fridge drawer appliance from Lansdowne, and after 6 years of reliable service the compressor has started to grind. Called Lansdowne moments ago to ask who’d they’d recommend to do the repair and the young man who picked up the phone responded without a moment’s hesitation that the compressor couldn’t be replaced in a washer. I stated a second time it was a fridge and he doubled down with the fact that it was unrepairable, even though he’d clearly not heard my first question properly. When I persisted about repair he put me on hold to confirm with his shop technician, but returned way too quickly to have actually asked anyone and was, even more adamant that no repair was possible.

Really? I’m supposed to chuck my $4000 fridge in the landfill because this person at Lansdowne couldn’t be bothered to answer my question or was too lazy to get the information for a past customer? The Internet immediately revealed an Ariston service...


Lansdowne Appliance

2517 Douglas St Victoria, BC

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Worst customer service ever

By: non-member | June 19, 2015

If there's a negative for rating I would rate them the worst business there ever was! I cant even explain how much stress I've been through. Just make sure when you buy something from them and you have to pick it up yourself to check every side and angle and the whole piece that nothing is broken missing or chipped cuz you have to go through hell for them to take it back and they would blame you for any damage. If its a TV open and check it and plug it in make sure its working. If small/side table make sure all the screws are there. If its a lamp make sure it lits. Just make sure everytjing works fine before leaving the store with their product. And customer service have NO EMPATHY when it comes to serving their customer. Worst store ever! Clean up your mess !!and replace your manager. Maybe someone who would care about their customer!


By: mmoody | May 30, 2015

The sale was ok i knew what i was buying .I ordered a dishwasher. they said they would load it in the truck for my wife. the shipping office was four block away and when my wife got there, no one was there. the young man got there 15 min. later. my wife had to help him with it to get it off the loading dock it was very heavy she said for a dishwasher. she got it home which is in Victoria harbour, about 70 km away. i got home that night with my plumber to hook it up . We got it out of the truck to find out it was a stove about 250 bl . we call the store they said they would look after it. they did not. i had to go get it the next day another 70 km there and back had to get the plumber for the next day. The shipper and his helper and me had to lift the stove back onto the dock which was very heavy. I can't believe my wife and the shipper lifted it down. after we finally received the dishwasher, there was no thanks for saving them a trip for delivering at a time that was not...