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Very disappointed in Teppermans

By: non-member | August 14, 2014

I am.very disappointed right now. We bought a Samsung Front Load Washer and Dryer. The salesman sold us an extended warranty and told us we would be covered for everything. Well have a truck so we bought it home that day. Because of family obligations we didn't uncrate it until a week later and we found a bemish in the washer. There was an outward dent which signifies a manufacturer defect. They said they have a 24 hour policy to report any damages. We werent told this or we would of unpacked it. So they offerred us $50 off. Wow?? When I said well have it replaced then..they said that was their only offer. Very surprised in Teppermans for this judgment. I will never shop there again..ever!

Purchased A 2 Piece Sofa Set

By: Leonard | August 8, 2014

How was your Experience at Bad Boy? It was a good experience at Bad Boy yes indeed. And ah, who was your sales associate? Raj. How was Raj's service? Wonderful, very much pleased, helpful guy who helped me about with the decision making and everything with the sale. I was really pleased. Can I ask you one last question? Who's better than Raj? What's that old saying for Lastmans ? Nooobody! Yeah!

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Terrible Customer Service and liars

By: appuac1 | August 6, 2014

I recently bought a bedroom set at their so called VIP event. While we were purchasing the set, sales rep told us that the bed rails were out of stock (waiting for the manufacturer) and that they would deliver the bed in 2 weeks. We agreed as waiting for 2 weeks wasnt a problem. 2 weeks passed by and no one had called to make the delivery so I called only to find out that now the foot board was out of stock..and that the delivery would now be 2 more weeks. I was frustrated at this point but decided to be patient and give them one more chance. 2 weeks passed again with no call and I had to make the call again to figure out the status. Not to my surprise this time the head board was out of stock and the delivery is pushed again 2 weeks. So at this point it is been over a month and I am waiting for my bed which I have already paid for 100%. I am extremely disappointed by the sales reps and the customer service. Brick straight out lies to make the sale and never keeps their word. I am now trying to return the entire bedroom set and get my money back. I would never shop at brick in the future. And just as a heads up, dont believe their sales rep atall, they will say anything to make a sale.

Satisfied customer

By: tinapolski | July 21, 2014

I contacted tk appliance repair and was able to come and inspect my dishwasher the same day. He spent the afternoon diagnosing the problem but didn't have a working part for it. He came back the next day with the dishwasher part, fixed my dishwasher, and only charged me one service fee + the part. Overall it was an easy process and I am so glad to have a perfectly good working dishwasher again! I highly recommend tk appliance repair to anyone

Sortie des marchandises

By: non-member | July 14, 2014

Le service Sortie des marchandises est un désastre. Il s'agit de payer l'article
pour ensuite aller le chercher à la sortie des marchandises. Il y a au dessus de 20
commandes en attente et seulement une personne travail au comptoir. Après 30 minutes
seulement 2 commandes sont terminées. N'utilisez jamais ce service!!! Il vait mieux chercher
vos articles vous-même pour ensuite les payer à la caisse.


9191 Cavendish Blvd. Montreal, QC

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Quan's TV Appliances Oshawa, Ontario

By: non-member | July 8, 2014

I bought a Whirlpool Fridge from Quan's Oshawa, Ontario and was told to wait at least two hours before plugging it in and after two hours I started the brand new fridge to hear a high pitched whining noise from the compressor. I went to the store to ask for an exchange as this was a defective fridge from the get go and was told no refunds or exchanges and that I would have to deal with Whirlpool but I said I bought the appliance from Quan's not Whirlpool. Whirlpool sent out a service technician and he stood there without looking at the fridge and said this noise is normal. We paid for an independent service technician to look at the fridge and he said the windings were defective in the compressor and said a new compressor was the solution and this would cost more than the fridge. I went back to Whirlpool's customer service with this information and I am still waiting for their technician but the whole family is experiencing headaches from the noisey compressor. Run not walk from Quan's any savings are not worth the aggravation!

Quan Tv & Appliances

4421 Highway 7 Markham, ON

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Horrible service

By: non-member | July 7, 2014

Over promise under deliver....... Don't do business with this company they are clueless when it comes to customer service.
The worst experience ever. Barry Adler & his team of unprofessional sales people lag behind in understanding the customer journey in today's market. You might as well buy your appliances online & you'll have better price & a better customer experience. Almar is seriously out to lunch !
What a huge disappointment.....they don't seem bothered by their negligence & delivery errors.
Don't shop there they are

Almar Ltee

5400 Boul Decarie Montreal, QC

category: Appliances - Retailers

horrible service -

By: non-member | June 30, 2014

horrible, horrible service , staff is rude, I bought a bedroom suite mid-may. I was told it will be available end of May. The Bed was delivered twice, LATE, end of June, head board broken. The 3rd time the Brick delivered the bed, installation was not done properly the bed broke. It's a month and a half later I still don't have my bed and I am getting a run around from customer care and delivery department. I have sent pictures of the broken bed twice to call centre, no body is calling me back. It has been a FRUSTRATING time for me. I will never deal with Brick even if they were giving furniture for free away. The staff is so RUDE, unbelievable. I would advise people go elsewhere.


By: non-member | June 24, 2014

Definitely the worse store every to buy furniture. All employees are jerks and scam every single penny you got. I got 2 furnitures and they said they'd give a call in less than a week and guess what, no calls for THREE WEEKS. Absolutely horrible. And not only that but the manager there does not care about customers and the customer service we got was disgusting.

TASACO is the Best of Breed!

By: 7jzwalm5 | June 23, 2014

I have been dealing with Tasco Distributors personally and corporately since the early 1970s and I strongly recommend them to all those who seek high quality appliance products at fair prices and cheerful attentive service after the purchase. The Sayers family are high quality appliance dealers whose integrity can be relied upon unfailingly!

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