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Terrible service, terrible employees

By: amyblake | January 14, 2017

I bought a set of chairs from Tepperman's prior to Christmas (the first week of December) and they gave a delivery date for one of the items in three days and said they would call. When they did not call, I called two weeks later, and they informed me they did not have the shipment but it would be in the 6th of January. Again they did not call. Finally I called the 14th and it was in, but no one called. I called to complain and they refused to let me talk to a manager.
Their claims that they are #1 in customer service is a lie. I will never buy from them again.

Oven Repair

By: BryanRosa27 | December 28, 2016

I was contemplating a week ago on why I couldn't seem to bake cookies perfectly when I just had the oven working properly last month. I was worried that it might ruin my small business, so I called Appliance Repair Canoga Park immediately. Thankfully, they quickly found out that it was caused by a defective thermostat and fixed it on that day. You are so amazing, guys!

Appliance Repair Canoga Park

20263 Saticoy St # 989 Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Electric Stove

By: AaronPeters93 | December 28, 2016

“I was trying to cook for dinner two days ago when our electric stove wouldn’t turn on, so we ended up eating in a fast food chain nearby. The next day I called Appliance Repair Sylmar for an emergency repair and I was glad their serviceman came right on time. I was so happy that he got it working before we had our lunch.”

Appliance Repair Sylmar

13896 Foothill Blvd, Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Microwave Malfunction

By: RickyFrankel | December 28, 2016

“We had some leftovers from our family reunion three days ago so I decided to heat them in the microwave the day after. To my surprise, it wouldn’t turn on. I then called Appliance Repair Sun Valley two days ago, who are experts in this field. They got it back working in minutes. Their service was absolutely great.”

Appliance Repair Sun Valley

8398 Laurel Canyon Blvd unit 113002 Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Microwave Malfunction

By: WilfredBates93 | December 28, 2016

“I was a witness at how great Appliance Repair Hollywood is in fixing appliances when our microwave wouldn’t turn on. The technician who helped me was kind, professional and well equipped. He fixed it instantly after careful diagnosis. Thank God I stumbled upon them. I will definitely recommend them to my friends.”

Appliance Repair Hollywood

Waring Ave Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Leaking Washing Machine

By: MarkMoody752 | December 28, 2016

“Two days ago I was trying to do the laundry when I suddenly slipped on the floor.That’s when I noticed that water was leaking from our washing machine. That day, I instantly contacted Appliance Repair Central LA to repair it. Their tech guy found the leaking part and fixed it right away. You are one of a kind. Thanks!

Appliance Repair Central LA

S Western Ave Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Birthday Surprise

By: LucienWilson | December 28, 2016

“I was trying to cook my son’s favorite food as a birthday surprise when our electric range won’t heat. Thankfully, I had a friend who gave me the number of Appliance Repair LA whom she said to have very competent technicians. I am grateful I called and was happy with their quick and efficient service.”

Appliance Repair LA

W Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Happy Birthday

By: BryanRosa | December 28, 2016

“Last Sunday was the birthday of my husband so I decided to bake a cake. To my surprise, it burned out the outer layer even though I put the timer right. I immediately called Appliance Repair Alhambra to check it. Based on the troubleshooting of the tech guy, he said that the problem was a faulty wiring which he easily solved.”

Appliance Repair Alhambra

300 E Main St #906 Alhambra, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Defective Dryer

By: JustinAlfred35 | December 28, 2016

“When winter started I knew I had to have our defective dryer fixed. I searched online for repair service near me and stumbled to Appliance Repair Beverly Hills’s contact information. I then called to set an appointment with them. The moment their service guy came, he immediately fixed the issue. I was relieved that I can now dry our clothes easily.

Appliance Repair Beverly Hills

Robertson Blvd Beverly Hills, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

No Spin

By: NathanMoeller | December 28, 2016

“I had to do the laundry last Sunday when our washing machine suddenly stopped spinning. I decided right then that I had to have it repaired. So I called Appliance Repair West Hollywood for their service. They were very helpful and courteous. My washing machine is now back in business.”

Appliance Repair West Hollywood

N San Vicente Blvd West Hollywood, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Christmas Eve Dinner

By: DonaldRivas | December 27, 2016

“I was trying to cook for our Christmas eve dinner when I noticed that the oven was not heating up. The following day I called the number of Appliance Repair Redondo Beach which I got from the Internet, they immediately sent a technician on the same day to get it checked. After a few tests, he found out what was causing it and fixed it. He was fast and very knowledgeable.”

Appliance Repair Redondo Beach

Pacific Coast Hwy Redondo Beach, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Dishwasher Malfunction

By: PaulJohnson12 | December 27, 2016

“Seeing all the great reviews on Appliance Repair Simi Valley, my husband and I decided to call these guys last week to fix our dishwasher, which suddenly stopped at the rinse cycle. True to the reviews, their service technician Roger was kind and courteous. Turned out it was the timer causing it and he replaced it with a new one.”

Appliance Repair Simi Valley

Cochran St Simi Valley, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Sub-Zero Fridge

By: ErickNelson75 | December 27, 2016

“Our sub-zero fridge wasn’t maintaining a cold temperature last week, so we asked assistance from Appliance Repair Winnetka. They dispatched a technician named Bob on the same day and came early in the allotted time window. He was obviously very knowledgeable and courteous. He gave me several options to fix our issue instead of immediately giving me the most expensive choice.”

Appliance Repair Winnetka

Winnetka Ave Los Angeles, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs