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Very disappointed

By: non-member | November 9, 2015

One month and a half later I still do not have my fridge one excuse after another. I do not even know why and how some people can still be in business. Less than poor customer service. if you need appliances. go to a store with good reviews were there is professional people and great customer service . spend that extra 100 dollars and save yourself time and aggravations.

Strongman Appliances

5601 STEELES AVE. W UNIT 6 Toronto, ON

category: Appliances - Wholesalers

Defective product and worst customer...

By: non-member | November 9, 2015

Hello everyone

I would like to share with my experience at Liquidation Furniture & More on Simpson Road in Richmond . I had purchased a king size bed frame from them last week and found that it's way too big for my king size mattress . ( about 5 inches longer and 3 inches wider than a standard King size mattress ) So I called spoke to a girl in the store , she told me that her customers were having the same issue with the same bed I got and then she got the owner - Rob to call me back .

The owner , Rob told me it's due to the variance of the bed frame and I asked him if there's issue with the other customers with the same problem then he should have informed me . After a long conversation with this guy , He first told me to bring it to the store for the store credit and I will need to pay for the difference for another bed . I told him he needs to send someone to pick up the bed and give me back my money , not store credit because there's nothing...


Liquidation Furniture & More

12040 Vulcan Way Richmond, BC

category: Appliances - Manufacturers

In dependable, lied to my warranty...

By: non-member | November 5, 2015

Booked, cancelled kids class and dinner as they couldnt give me a time estimate, so they could fix stove, they did not show up. Re-booked, cancelled class and dinner again, did not show up. They call to re book, and have attitude saying they would appreciate a confirmation, no time estimate, for a day that does not work for me and I am not willing to cancel everything for the third time. Than they tell my warranty company that I HAVE NOT CONFIRMED WITH THEM AND I WON'T WORK EITH THEIR DAYS. When both times I did and cancelled all plans including pre paid classes, they simply did not show up! Shame on you guys. I have a serious fire hazard in my home with my child. Completely in dependable. Call Giddens instead.

Herb's Household Appliances

421 Mount Paul Way Kamloops, BC

category: Appliances - Retailers

burning fridge

By: non-member | October 30, 2015

Never buy anything from the brick. I was luck i was at home
When my fridge caught on fire. If i didnt catch it on time my house would of went up in flames
The extended warrante that we bought is a waste of money
Heads up people dont get pushed around by transgloble warrante and dont ever buy warrante from the brick or appliances

Avoid! Take your business elsewhere.

By: Stepmom | October 6, 2015

I purchased a dishwasher and the salesman informed me that there were 9 of the models available and booked delivery for three days later, and the plumber was booked for the following day. Twenty eight hours later the salesman called me to say there were no dishwashers in stock, and my purchase was delayed. I had cleared all appointments on those two days. Geomans said they would deliver the dishwasher on the Friday of the Thanksgiving weekend. I reminded them that I then would have my old dishwasher still in place and a new dishwasher in my kitchen that could not be hooked up until after the holiday...i.e. At least four days! I cancelled my purchase and bought a dishwasher from another store which was reliable.

Goemans Appliances London

1040 Wharncliffe Rd. South London, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Nooooobody should buy

By: Getjoji | September 26, 2015

I bought a sofa from this location and sales manager forced me to buy a warranty which covers the furniture for 5 years. So if anything comes up just give them a call they will fix it. Within an year I started having issues and they started giving me exceptions on warranty. Now it's like nothing is covered.

If you have money go buy from Somewhere else. These people are theifs.. Why should we give our hard earned money to these money stealing monsters

Elder Abuse

By: non-member | September 18, 2015

My mother bought a fridge from the Peterborough store and had a horrific experience. It is on the verge of being classified as elder abuse .

She purchased a NEW Samsung Fridge and they delivered a GE Fridge floor model fridge without informing her of the change. When she called to discuss this the staff tried to convince her the one she wanted would not fit and the GE was a better fridge. This is only a small excerpt of the total experience of lies and rudeness.

I made an attempt to contact the owner to discuss this situation and get it rectified and I did not get any contact or concern.

If you think this is a better retailer that a big box store think again. If you want to be scammed or abused then this is the store for you .

Quan Tv & Appliances

4421 Highway 7 Markham, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers

Never buy an extended warranty on...

By: Julie | September 8, 2015

We purchased brand-new appliances costing us over $3300 also purchased an extended 4 year warranty on both appliances it has been two years since we purchased and the whole side wall of my dishwasher has rusted out and nothing about the warranty will cover this. They never gave me a brochure that explained in detail what was covered under the warranty and according to the warrantee holders they do not cover this. So now I'm out the money for the appliances out the money for the extended warranty which is garbage and now have to purchase a new machine. I will never purchase from Teppermans again.



Hi Julie - I'm so sorry to hear that the extended warranty provider is denying coverage.

We'd like to take a closer look at this issue and review the decision that's been made by the warranty company - it's highly unusual for a dishwasher to rust in the way that you describe since by design they're very rust resistant.

In order to look into this we need some additional information from you including:
- full name
- home address
- home phone number
- best contact number (if different from home number)

If you could please give me a call or send me an email with that information I would greatly appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

Noah Tepperman
800-265-5062 ext. 1495

Customer Service Department needs...

By: ELMIRAsucks | August 27, 2015

Our 14 year old stove quit baking recently. Called Elmira who diagnosed our issue as needing a new ignitor. They shipped out the part with "how to" instructions to replace it. But what they neglected to tell us is that the new ignitors won't fit on the old stoves and that we would need to call an appliance repair man who should be able to modify the new ignitor to make it fit. The owner told us that because our stove was so old, they no longer made the part. GREAT.

Why pay $20 in shipping for a part that weighs less than half a pound, wait over a week for it to arrive, to then pay someone to come to the house to modify the new part to make it work. Should have just called the repair man to begin with.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

category: Appliances - Retailers