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High Quality Craftsmanship - Sturdy...

By: greggjones043 | August 19, 2017

This is an incredible value. The fact that it is on wheels makes it equally perfect in that one doesn't need to take up valuable yard space with a block foundation and large overpriced oven kits. I made two test pizzas the first night and felt they came out perfectly. I invested in an infrared thermometer to check the floor temp. and these past few weeks have been able to create outstanding pies. I have been making homemade pizza for years so to graduate to a wood burning oven was a joy. Great price, great delivery and service.


711 Executive Blvd. Suite U Valley Cottage, NY

category: Appliances - Equipment and Supplies

dryer repair

By: flanagan567 | July 31, 2017

belt broke on my dryer and called this company...showed up and told me my belt was broken and had to order one...1 week later they came back and put on the belt...did 2 loads and you could smell the burning rubber...called them and they returned and said the belt was fine...1 more load and the dryer stopped working...after 10 calls and no response I called another repair company and they were there that day. The belt was put on wrong and it was all frayed..they replaced the belt on that visit and dryer has worked perfectly since..don't believe the 90 day warranty....200 $ wasted...other repair company charged $95...stay away from this company

Amazing Furnace Service

By: malcolmzorich | July 31, 2017

Before the winter season kicks in, everyone wants their HVAC systems works properly. We also wanted our heating system to be in best condition and for that we did contact to ROX Heating & Air for furnace service in Colorado. They did it amazingly. Their years of experience have made them well-versed in all areas of HVAC, especially furnace repair, air conditioning repair, water heater repair, boiler repair, humidifier repairs and full HVAC installations.

ROX Heating & Air

7183 Dome Rock Rd Littleton, CO

category: Appliances - Repairs

This guy sucks

By: TJOHNSTON | July 17, 2017

My wife made the mistake of calling this guy to come and "repair" our dryer.

He told her "he could fix it no problem" for $150 and she took him at his word. At no time did he explain how much it would cost if he couldnt fix it.

Of course, when he uncovered the problem-- after fifteen minutes if having me turn the breaker on and off about 20 times-- he found out the part was discontinued and the dryer could not be fixed.

Strange that HE couldn't figure out it was too old of a dryer to find parts for before he showed up at the house, considering the two repairmen I had called previously BOTH warned me not to waste my money on a house call due to the old make and model of the unit.

My wife wasn't so lucky when she called him. Sorry folks, that'll be $80 please.

Naturally, he left the dryer drum and control panel he removed strewn about the bathroom AND refused my wife's request to clean it up and put it back when he was done. He said he would do it for $10, however.

Shady, irresponsible and underhanded. Give this guy a call if that's what you're looking for in a repairman.

Strong's Appliance Svc Ltd

1291 County Rd 22 Belle River, ON

category: Appliances - Repairs

Looks better than it runs

By: heatherswallow | June 28, 2017

I love the look of my Northstar appliances. I have stove, range hood and fridge in robin's egg blue. I have had no issue with the stovetop and oven. These are Whirlpool/Amana that have been fitted out to look older. I think the materials are decent quality and everything works just as it should - until it doesn't. This is the second time my fridge has needed repairs in five years. The first time the freezer drawer didn't sit on the tracks properly and caused frost. This time the compressor needs to be replaced at a cost of over 900 CAD with labour and taxes. I think we got a lemon. I've never dealt directly with Elmira so can't comment on customer service. I am disappointed, though, that their product doesn't run as good as it looks.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

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appliance Repair

By: DavidYates | June 6, 2017

I usually do the appliance repairs by myself but when I saw that there was a big crack on the oven glass door, I knew that it should be handled by professionals. My friend recommended Appliance Repair San Juan Capistrano because they were the ones whom he trusts when it comes to oven repair. Indeed, they were very proficient because in no time, their technician was able to replace the broken glass with a new one. He did a great job and the service is quite affordable too!

Appliance Repair San Juan Capistrano

32158 Camino Capistrano #456, San Juan Capistrano, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

best appliance repair ever

By: DonaldMullen | June 6, 2017

I got nervous when I saw my refrigerator door sweating. That was the first time I encountered that issue so I hurriedly called Appliance Repair Dana Point. They replaced my door’s damaged door seals and had my refrigerator fixed in about one hour. Very fast and efficient work completion. I strongly recommend them for any appliance service!

Appliance Repair Dana Point

34145 Pacific Coast Hwy #556 Dana Point, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliance repair service

By: yojiChristopherBreen | June 6, 2017

My sister called Appliance Repair Irvine for a dryer repair and they came the same day. They went above and beyond to fix my sister’s noisy dryer. They were honest, straightforward and repaired the dryer’s malfunctioning drive motor without forcing us to buy parts. Very professional and trustworthy appliance service.

Appliance Repair Irvine

15333 Culver Drive Suite 340 #503 Irvine, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Great service

By: CalvinSmith52 | June 6, 2017

I was glad I chose Appliance Repair Fountain Valley to take care of my oven installation. They were awesome. The repair specialist arrived ahead of schedule and he was knowledgeable and super friendly. He installed my oven perfectly without damaging my walls. Thanks for the reliable and affordable appliance service.

Appliance Repair Fountain Valley

11037 Warner Ave #998 Fountain Valley, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

appliance Repair

By: BarryBerryman81 | June 6, 2017

Appliance Repair Laguna Niguel’s appliance repair service was excellent! I appointed them to diagnose the problem with my dishwasher that didn’t want to fill with water. The technician was courteous, easy to deal with and even made a short but good conversation. He said my dishwasher didn’t have enough water pressure because of a faulty inlet valve which he replaced right away. It feels great to have them for they are trustworthy and dependable.

Appliance Repair Laguna Niguel

30025 Alicia Pkwy #889 Laguna Niguel, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

best appliance repair ever

By: GeorgeOwens93 | June 6, 2017

I arrived home on a Sunday afternoon from a week vacation and I discovered ice developed on my freezer’s base. I dialed Appliance Repair San Clemente’s number and got a same-day appliance repair service appointment. They knew how to fix my 10-year old fridge, within half an hour, it was working like brand new! No more ice buildup! Thank you!

Appliance Repair San Clemente

205 Avenida Del Mar B343 San Clemente, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Appliance repair service

By: WilliamMyers24 | June 6, 2017

It was really a pleasure dealing with Appliance Repair Newport Beach. We bought a new washer and needed help with the installation. The installer they sent was very polite and was very careful with the installation process and left the place clean. I wouldn’t hesitate to call them again should I need a reliable and affordable appliance service!

Appliance Repair Newport Beach

2549 Eastbluff Dr Ste B #273 Newport Beach, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

Great service

By: JoseHathaway85 | June 6, 2017

A week ago, my refrigerator started leaking a significant amount of water and Appliance Repair Westminster was able to schedule me for a same day appliance service. I was given a heads up by their technician 15 minutes before his arrival. My refrigerator was diagnosed to have a faulty water inlet valve. He had the spare part available in his truck so he was able to fix the issue in an instant!

Appliance Repair Westminster

13761 Goldenwest St #899 Westminster, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs

appliance Repair

By: JuanMatson8 | June 6, 2017

Booking an appointment with Appliance Repair Costa Mesa was super nice and easy. We used their service when our dishwasher would not clean our dishes well. When the appliance service technician arrived at our house, he inspected the dishwasher quickly and replaced a worn spray arm. Strongly recommended service.

Appliance Repair Costa Mesa

1590 Adams Ave #765 Costa Mesa, CA

category: Appliances - Repairs