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10K worth of appliances get you NOTHING

By: Georgiesmomma | March 3, 2015

Just received my beautiful retro appliances from Elmira. The hood does not match my stove...least of my problems. The panel for my dishwasher is slightly too long, not allowing the door to open all the way. The panel is sitting in the dining room of my house. My contractor has called numerous time, and although Pauline has responded, Brian, has been lax in getting in touch with a solution to this problem. I have also called, again, Pauline, so nice, but she is apparently the person who runs interference for Brian. So sorry that I spent this money. I could have donated the 10K to my favorite charity, Smile Train, and received more satisfaction. Learned my lesson. Now I will have to find a master carpenter to deal with this. THANKS FOR NOTHING. ENJOY MY $10,000.00! I give you one star for the amazing color...but that is even too much. I really regret this purchase. Hey, forgot to mention that I ordered these appliances in October and they didn't even get here until February! They don't even deserve one star.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

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Great experience

By: non-member | March 2, 2015

We had been looking for glass dining sets for at least a year now. Another furniture store had advised us to start looking into custom making the set because it was very difficult to find. At Bad Boy we found not only the set we had in mind but a couple other options as well! Christine helped us purchase our table and was very accommodating when we were interested in substituting different chairs with the table. She was funny, helpful and we had a great experience at the store

Thank God this company exists!

By: YuliaK | February 25, 2015

We went to vacation for one week and when we came back there was unpleasant surprise waiting for us - our fridge stopped working. There was something wrong with cooling system - it didn't cool down inside. So all of our food went to garbage. And that happened right after store warranty expired (((

Fix iT Appliance was the first company we found on Google. The guy came to our house the very same evening and it took him just couple hours to figure out what was the problem and fix it! Excellent service!


By: non-member | February 17, 2015

We have used A Plus Appliances services several times, and have always been happy with the results. San was always quick to diagnose the issue, provide options, and make a reliable fix. San has fixed both our washer (leaking hose) and dryer (coil), and for our oven, San found the problem, enabled us to continue using the range until he exhausted all options to order a replacement part (which the manufacturer had discontinued). San has provided great customer service, and we'll continue to use his services when needed.

A Plus Appliance

607 SYDNEY AVE. Coquitlam, BC

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By: messa | February 15, 2015

I'm not one to usually write reviews but the experience I had here was just awful and I never want to go through that again!!

I walked into this location and dropped a few dollars short of 5K. The sales person was awesome (of course they are they are selling me something and working on commission) , helped me pick out everything I needed.

Everything up until getting my stuff was pretty good. I got my stuff delivered shortly a couple days later by their private delivery people because they were too booked that day for their normal brick delivery people.

They came and set up my 7 piece bedroom set, new mattress and dropped the TV off. They quickly took the top off the box and said i had to look at it before they left, as they were rushing out my door because they were very behind schedule. They also told me they couldn't really "legally touch it" so they left. I work 7 days a week so it wasn't until exactly one week after that I was able...


Highly bad service and very poor...

By: shirleylachance | February 2, 2015

No one should shop at the brick, They make it look so good when you walk in there and they sure like to take your money. My Mother a 85 year old bought a fridge, stove and a table set from the brick whom was called and told delivery would be between 4 and 6 at night. First they delivered the fridge with the handle on the wrong side and the wrong stove. She told them to take the stove back which they refused and said she would have to keep it for a month then was called the next day and told this was the stove she bought. Now the fridge she was told that they do not change the handle because she did not live in Sudbury but yet her papers said it was to be set up. This poor 85 year old was left with finding someone to fix the handle for her and to get rid of all the garbage such as cardboard box it was delivered in. What kind of service is that. People beware of this place and do not buy anything from them. I knew a lady who worked there before and said the stuff is all seconds and your being over charged.

one un happy family

By: non-member | January 31, 2015

i believe the ad says from r family to yours witch i think is bull i went and bought a bed and chair and was told two weeks its been three for r chair i would like to know y i need to spend 45 min on the phone to fined out its another two weeks and to have a rude little girl amber tell me that o sorry to hang up on me then i call back and ask for a management to were she cant even put me on hold to say what voice mail she can put me threw so Nowa tepperman can u please tell my little girl y we dont have r chair for the superbowl party so she can sit next to dad from r family to yours

incredible pre sales service...

By: raysoly | January 24, 2015

I had a very different experience with Barry Adler, inquiring about a price quote online he contacted me immediately by phone and offered valuable advice in reference to the product I was inquiring about but when he asked me why I was replacing a4 yr old appliance he did not hesitate, knowing full well he would loose a sale, to redirect me the the appropriate web site to get my issue resolved with an appliance I did not buy at Almar! now that I think merits all 5 stars, never before has anyone ever been so openly frank about the realities of this industry, will definitely recommend and will purchase my next appliances at Almar..


Almar Ltee

5400 Boul Decarie Montreal, QC

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Terrible Customer service

By: Lisa | November 19, 2014

Our leather sofa had a puncture in it, with no indication it was made from the outside (the cardboard an padding did not have holes in it, so it looked like the puncture was on the sofa before it was wrapped). I called the manager ROB about it, and in a very degrading tone told me that "98% of the time, the customer is the one who damaged it". Great customer service policy! He blamed my husband as he picked it up in his truck. Rob then told me it must have been caused by him, as he took both pieces of the sectional at once, "squishing it into the bed of the truck" although my husband was LATE for work as he took each piece separately from Richmond to Coquitlam to avoid any damage. Rob again blatantly lied to me and told me that a waver was signed by my boyfriend that day dismissing any damages when I brought up the one year warranty we had on the couch. No such form was signed, it just seemed as if Rob did not want to deal with the issue at hand. Finally after many...


Liquidation Furniture & More

12040 Vulcan Way Richmond, BC

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customer service

By: bynk4 | November 7, 2014

On Oct. 17th 2014 I ordered a product for my fridge , the service person said it would take 14 days to get the product in . I said ok and paid up front for the item . The service person took my phone number and said they would call me when it arrives. After 2 weeks my wife made a call to the Barrie shop , the person working there said it was not in yet . Now as I'm typing this we are into the third week waiting . I made a phone call this morning to the shop , the service person left me on hold for 5 minutes . So I hung up and called back. She said she was busy so I gave here my cell number and asked her to call me back , she took my number and hung up on me . I was becoming unimpressed at this point . So I went about my way in Barrie taking care of a few things that I had to do , this took a couple of hours . Still no call from The Appliance Shack , so I drove down there to see what was going on. when I walked into the store and asked the woman" why she hadn't called...


The Appliance Shack

273 Dunlop St W Barrie, ON

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By: William Warner | November 2, 2014

As a senior in London, I had my daughter go shopping with me for new appliances. Your store was very impressive and Greg the salesman very helpful in selecting a frig, stove, washer and dryer with the delivery to be made within 2 weeks. The order then got forwarded to Brampton and that's where the customer relations ended with difficulty trying to get delivery dates and answers to questions that were asked - some not replied to and messages left on my answering machine by someone who talked so fast that you couldn't understand a word they were saying. The order took from July 28th to Sept. 18th to complete, a far cry from 2 weeks.

I would advise anyone shopping for appliances in the London area to deal with a company that can efficiently handle their orders in London and I would certainly go elsewhere for future needs.

William Warner

Goemans Appliances London

1040 Wharncliffe Rd. South London, ON

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Shop somewhere else..

By: non-member | October 28, 2014

It would take me a few hours to tell you the terrible things this store did to me so I will just say "Do Not Shop There" I can not believe the poor customer service and the lies these people are capable of telling. Please go somewhere else so you will not be disappointed...