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Back on Track. July/13/2015

By: Elias | July 13, 2015

Even though everything in my previous review happened, I felt I had to write another because Karen from Tepperman's called me today to discuss what had happened. She was very polite and addressed all my issues. Not getting into great detail, but the matter is resolved due to great customer care. In our conversation she had mentioned that she read the review online, which made me very happy. It shows that Karen cares about her customers by reading the reviews posted online. Both Karen and Angela were genuinely upset that the incident had gotten this far. Angela was the person I spoke with the day I went to the store with my initial complaint. I felt she was the only one that took the time to listen to me that day. Angela new how upset and frustrated I was and was still very professional and caring . Karen and Angela ratified my concerns. Thank you both very much for clearing everything up. With that being said, my family and I will shop at Tepperman's again. Off topic I read some of the other reviews about the delivery team and I have to agree, they were always on time and professional.


By: mcgillj | June 6, 2015

We purchased an Elmira stove 11 years ago when we built our home. This stove is the most complimented item in our home. We love it! After having owned it approximately 7-8 years, we had several issues. One of our burners quit working along with the entire oven. I was apprehensive since I was dealing with a company that is not even located in the United States. However, my apprehension was unfounded! They answered my call, a technician called me back, they sent me parts, walked us through the fix, and did not stop until it was in 100% working order again! The entire cost of fixing the stove was under $100!! We could not have been happier or treated any better from a store in our own hometown. I would recommend Elmire Stove Works WITHOUT ANY RESERVATIONS!!


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

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Buyer beware

By: non-member | June 6, 2015

My dad purchased a used fridge from Mann's appliances. The fridge was broken. The salesperson crazy glued the parts to make it look functional in their warehouse. They refuse to cone fix it or replace it. They also kept stalling and sweet talking my poor dad. They also did not give us a valid receipt. I a, taking them to small claims. Please be aware. They have 6 complaints with Better Business Bureau. They post kijiji and Craigslist under following numbers 604 644 1027 and owner 604 961 7273. Please be aware. Their address is also changed 2931 Olafsen Ave, Richmond, BC V6X 2R4 CA

Mann Appliances

4311 Woodhead Rd Richmond, BC

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no return policy beware of what they...

By: non-member | June 4, 2015

Won't even give it a star . Had to look on the wall to find my element with no help. Was assured that the element would be fine, paid for it and was given my received my bill folded up and left the store. Was not told that all electrical sales are final when I called about returning it upon looking at my bill the next day because I decided to buy new stove. So don't wast time or money here, because if you buy anything electrical from here it will just become a paper weight.

The Appliance Shack

273 Dunlop St W Barrie, ON

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By: mmoody | May 30, 2015

The sale was ok i knew what i was buying .I ordered a dishwasher. they said they would load it in the truck for my wife. the shipping office was four block away and when my wife got there, no one was there. the young man got there 15 min. later. my wife had to help him with it to get it off the loading dock it was very heavy she said for a dishwasher. she got it home which is in Victoria harbour, about 70 km away. i got home that night with my plumber to hook it up . We got it out of the truck to find out it was a stove about 250 bl . we call the store they said they would look after it. they did not. i had to go get it the next day another 70 km there and back had to get the plumber for the next day. The shipper and his helper and me had to lift the stove back onto the dock which was very heavy. I can't believe my wife and the shipper lifted it down. after we finally received the dishwasher, there was no thanks for saving them a trip for delivering at a time that was not...


Kitchen Land Review

By: Kitchenland | April 16, 2015

Kitchen Land provides customers with Kitchen Design, Cabinets & all renovation services, so we have been working a lot with numerous kitchen appliance companies and Caplan's have proved themselves to be the best in all aspects. Caplan's have always provided our customers with the best customer service as well as ourselves. Our sales associate Andrei Zabeline has been providing us with the best knowledge, customer service and best products on the market for few years now. When our client purchases appliances from Caplan's we always receive great feed back from them and Caplan's supplies us with all needed measurements and details about chosen products right away.
We love their innovative & progressive approaches to business marketing and they way they stand behind the quality of products they provide. In our showroom all of our Kitchen Appliances are from Caplan's and they all work absolutely amazing!
Kitchen Land has been and will continue to recommend customers to Caplan's.

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Never ever , ever will be back

By: non-member | March 7, 2015

Ordered furniture set, no one called when it was in. When we called them they stated it was in but even though we left a deposit they wouldn't hold it for us!? We go to pick it up. The desk area has one person working at it. One person ahead of us and took 40 minutes to wait. Once we went back to pick it up we waited another 25 minutes for them to get it. Not impressed. Customer service is a complete joke. Can't believe we wasted 2 hours of our lives to pick up something this should not happen! It's worth it to pay more and go elsewhere.