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So disappointed!

By: dcostco | February 23, 2017

After waiting almost 4 weeks longer then promised for the delivery of my new living room furniture, I was so excited to receive my delivery last week. As it was a long weekend, and we were heading out the door for a small get away, we had the drivers set up the furniture, signed the papers and they were on their way. As they were walking out the door, we noticed a scratch on one of the chair backs (leather) and said something to the drivers. They said no problem they would mark it down and someone would call us. He made like he was marking it down!!! We waited about an hour, and when nobody called, we thought no problem he marked it down and so we can call them next week. BIG PROBLEM. The scammer driver did not mark it down, and now they won't believe me that WE didn't do it. All we want is the new undamaged furniture that we ordered. They want to send somebody over to color it in with some markers. Listen, if I wanted furniture colored in with markers I would go...


23 Years of Great Performance!

By: GeorgeEh | February 8, 2017

We finally updated our Elmira Antique range last year, after 23 years of use. The only service issue we had in all of that time was replacing an $80 oven element, which took fifteen minutes and was easy to do ourselves. It could have kept on going, but we were attracted by some of the new features and options, so we moved from a six-burner cast top with no warming oven to the six-burner smoothtop with the warming oven and more nickel trim. And even better news - we sold the old one online and got half of what we paid for it 23 years ago! Looking forward to 20+ more years of a beautiful Elmira range.


285 Union Street Elmira, ON

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We've had the new range for over a year now, and love the smoothtop elements, convection oven and warmer.

Ripping off people

By: kostrander | February 6, 2017

Initial conversation:
Called for a quote, was told there was an initial 75.00 service charge for coming out & that this would be waived if he did the service. We asked him to come in the evening. He booked 7pm. He chose this time.
Service call:
Shows up 3 hours late, finds out it’s only the breaker, I asked him to fix the connection to one coil grill. Part was only 32.00, asked him how much I owed he said 200.00, we mentioned the fact he said the service call would only be 75.00 and that he said that would be waived if he did the service. He said he didn’t say that. A massive argument erupted. During the argument his cost for the part went from 30.00 to 50.00 and the service call went from 75.00 to 250.00 and that he has to charge the service call no matter whether he does the service or not, he found out that it was only a 5-minute job and that he was dealing with a woman and decided to change his fee, rules and arrangement. When a company makes an arrangement they...


Toronto Appliance Repair

3025 Bathurst Street Toronto, ON

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Leak washing machine

By: taylorhills | January 26, 2017

My washing machine made a puddle on the floor and I tried locating where the leak came from to no avail. I then called Appliance Repair Oak Park for washing machine repair as I couldn’t afford a non working machine with four kids at home. The technician was able to fix the leak and it’s working fine again.

Appliance Repair Oak Park

Dubonnet Ct Oak Park, CA

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super service.!

By: leodrone | January 26, 2017

We were to eat dinner when my son noticed a smudge of food on his plate food from a previous meal the dishwasher missed. Appliance Repair Santa Monica sent an appliance service technician to fix my unit as it no longer gets the job done of cleaning the dishes. Now the dishes are squeaky clean again!

Appliance Repair Santa Monica

1587 Wilshire Blvd Santa Monica, CA

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Best service

By: williamsmith12 | January 26, 2017

I thought everything was fine with my dryer until I took out the clothes and they were still wet! I called Appliance Repair Santa Clarita for home appliance repair to avoid any more issues from arising. The technician was adept and he fixed it in an hour. Now my dryer is doing its job as it should.

Appliance Repair Santa Clarita

26486 Bouquet Canyon Rd Santa Clarita, CA

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Belt problem

By: RebeccaWilson8 | January 24, 2017

I was doing the laundry two days ago when I found out that the drum wouldn’t turn at all. Good thing my husband had the contact number of Appliance Repair Canoga Park and we immediately asked for help. Turned out it was a problem with the belt. It was great to experience their service.

Appliance Repair Canoga Park

20263 Saticoy St # 989 Los Angeles, CA

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